The power to rebuild

The true nature of everything around us is to recreate, restart. When cut down or broken,  the inherent potent energy brings everything up again. Such is the resilience around us.

However, it’s not on the surface.

The energy to stand up again is hidden under layers and layers of fear, years gone by and our social conditioning. It takes a lot of strength and desire/motivation from inside to bring that power out.

That power has to be unearthed and unleashed, and mostly by us only.

Second innings happen. Life can be given a fresh start. After any mishap, unpleasant changes, it’s possible to rebuild yourself. Sometimes the new avatar may be even better!

Sometimes we fear for our career, our material possessions. Careers can get outdated and materials do run past their expiry.

Let’s not base our lives on the permanence of things around us. Be prepared for changes, and trust the potency in everything, including us, to rebuild ourselves, and  our world.

Keep the faith 🙂 !

photo credits: Manik the hubby 🙂

daily post

daily post


lose control and let things be

Friends, it is one of those times again when too many things point in the same direction trying to tell me something. This time, its been about losing control.

Do you feel a certain kind of tightness in your head, when you over indulge or get over involved in something? Things that can survive well without your involvement? It happens to me many times.

When I try to control my kids too much ( thinking that I know best), I realise that things are much better off if I follow their lead (as I am forced to 😀 ).

My swimming coach keeps telling me to lose that tight control on my legs and body, if I want to survive in water.

Every entity in this universe is bestowed with supreme intelligence of its own(its own navigation system if you may say so). And when we try to control things around us,  we are unnecessarily fighting against that intelligence.

So, slowly I have started implementing this principle in my life also. And it is a big revelation! I realise I am much lighter  internally, and that things do survive better without my grip on them.

Nature has its own beautiful way of aligning things to their stable or destined positions. Apply this principle when things just don’t get better even after having tried a lot. At that time, just let things be. This is how they were meant to be. There is something else waiting for you to embrace and uncover!

Leaving you with this fascinating line that I came across in a business article recently ” for growth to happen, we need to let go of control” 🙂


photo-credits:Manik the hubby 🙂





shower that love, everyday

In the hustle bustle of everyday life, and the uncertainties that surround us, we forget what really matters to us. Our loved ones matter to us, and we to them.

Spend some moments with your parents everyday. They really don’t need much from us, our tiny interaction with them is enough to keep their spirits afloat the whole day.

Listen to your kids intently everyday. They have whole lot of adventures and challenges to share with you. You are who they look up to, and wait for the whole day.

Love your colleague, because he is as human as you are, with his own life experiences.

As for your partner, just show that you care. He/She is probably going through a difficult time like you, caring for each other brings you closer. And you both deal with these problems as a team. Your whole life.

Do this everyday. Because we really don’t know if tomorrow exists. For us, for them.

There should not be any regrets.

Love everyday.



Unravel the true you

Life is a very long journey.  We should every once in a while sit back and reflect on our past,  what made us who we are,  what we really loved,  and what is not acceptable any more.

We should dig deeper about what we really want ahead. This is very crucial.

These comparisons of past and future desires help us in charting the path for the life that we want ahead,  and not waiting for things to happen. We don’t need to accept just what comes our way.

It may appear unimportant initially, its not that entertaining to talk to ourselves 🙂 (its rather scary sometimes 😀 ). When made a practice ,  life gets much more in tune with our true selves,  and acceptable to us.
Start charting  path for the life that you want. Don’t get intimidated by failures,  they are inevitable and take us closer to our dreams.  Try and  live the life that your heart keeps pushing you to live 🙂

Happy living 🙂


photo credits: Manik the hubby 🙂

Forgive yourself, you are important

So you snapped at your kid/spouse/parent/colleague, didn’t live upto someone’s expectations,  couldn’t complete your todo-list and so on and on?
The guilt is now killing you,  and you are all into criticising yourself. Don’t.

Forgive yourself.

We are prone to make mistakes,  be imperfect. No matter how determined we are,  we are going to behave contrary to our own expectations.
We are humans.  Not God.

Forgive yourself as you are as important as any other person in the world.
Value yourself.  This is important as it helps in giving your best to your loved ones. Don’t strive for perfection, as the definition of perfection will keep changing.  Strive to be a sensitive human. Sensitive to yourself as well..

Hope you will be sensitive to yourself today friends 🙂
Have a wonderful day!

Pursue your dreams..age no bar

Is there something that nags you every now and then, every few years? Something that really gets you all worked up and excited? Not the act, just the thought, because it is still a desire and not the reality 🙂 ?

Then go ahead and take that first step towards that dream! I read this beautiful  line somewhere “every great journey begins with a first step” and it has helped me many a times. And don’t let your age become a limiting factor, thats what most people my age do :D, including me.

The limitation is only in our heads. If it is a burning desire, it should be met at any stage in life. Sometimes we get intimidated worrying about what others would think, but actually it is our own selves that we need to fight and convince the most. People mostly don’t care, and these days their memory is as short lived as your last social network status :D, and rest all is history 🙂

The satisfaction that you get on doing what you love, seems to penetrate the soul, it stirs up  your whole existence, makes you a more centred and stable person. So, give it a shot! 😀 and let me know how it went.

Have a happy happy day 🙂









nothing is good or bad

Nothing that we say or do is good or bad in literal terms. Everything is neutral. It just depends on the frame of time in which you are. I may do something thats great from today’s perspective, but may have no significance in future. And vice versa. So, live in this very moment. Enjoy this moment. This is what we have control on, what we can enjoy and make the best of.

A very good morning dear friends!

We manifest our lives

We become what we think.  As I sit back and recall my life,  I realise my life has been exactly as I had desired it to be.  Our deepest desires and wishes become our realities.
I am glad and happy as I have all that I had longed for,  a happy family,  great kids,  the opportunity to watch after my kids full time,  see my dads, no dearth of any kind.
As my boy prays at night “Thank you God for everything,  Amen”  🙂

Diffuse that rage

One method that has really helped me in reducing the degree of my reaction to an unwarranted situation, is taking in a deep breathe at that moment. It changes the direction of my thinking, helps me in channelising my energy in constructive action.

All said and done, sometimes nothing works,  and at that time I put it all on God 😀

Spread the goodness

In my search for peace and happiness, I came across some very beautiful stories. One of my earliest inspirations was a story of  ‘ pass it on ‘. If someone does good to you, do good to some other person that you come across, and pass the goodness. As I started bringing this in practice, I was blessed with immense satisfaction and calmness.

And this led to the journey of spreading goodness whenever a chance was presented (and when I was not too self obsessed:) ).

Since I am not an overly social and outgoing person, I try to do my bit of good in the smallest of opportunities and measures. But it makes me feel good, nonetheless:).

Thank God for that!

So, go ahead and do the good that you have been holding on, call a loved one, help a colleague, meet a friend, take your wife out for dinner 😀

And spread the goodness 🙂