The power to rebuild

The true nature of everything around us is to recreate, restart. When cut down or broken,  the inherent potent energy brings everything up again. Such is the resilience around us.

However, it’s not on the surface.

The energy to stand up again is hidden under layers and layers of fear, years gone by and our social conditioning. It takes a lot of strength and desire/motivation from inside to bring that power out.

That power has to be unearthed and unleashed, and mostly by us only.

Second innings happen. Life can be given a fresh start. After any mishap, unpleasant changes, it’s possible to rebuild yourself. Sometimes the new avatar may be even better!

Sometimes we fear for our career, our material possessions. Careers can get outdated and materials do run past their expiry.

Let’s not base our lives on the permanence of things around us. Be prepared for changes, and trust the potency in everything, including us, to rebuild ourselves, and  our world.

Keep the faith 🙂 !

photo credits: Manik the hubby 🙂

daily post

daily post


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