lose control and let things be

Friends, it is one of those times again when too many things point in the same direction trying to tell me something. This time, its been about losing control.

Do you feel a certain kind of tightness in your head, when you over indulge or get over involved in something? Things that can survive well without your involvement? It happens to me many times.

When I try to control my kids too much ( thinking that I know best), I realise that things are much better off if I follow their lead (as I am forced to 😀 ).

My swimming coach keeps telling me to lose that tight control on my legs and body, if I want to survive in water.

Every entity in this universe is bestowed with supreme intelligence of its own(its own navigation system if you may say so). And when we try to control things around us,  we are unnecessarily fighting against that intelligence.

So, slowly I have started implementing this principle in my life also. And it is a big revelation! I realise I am much lighter  internally, and that things do survive better without my grip on them.

Nature has its own beautiful way of aligning things to their stable or destined positions. Apply this principle when things just don’t get better even after having tried a lot. At that time, just let things be. This is how they were meant to be. There is something else waiting for you to embrace and uncover!

Leaving you with this fascinating line that I came across in a business article recently ” for growth to happen, we need to let go of control” 🙂


photo-credits:Manik the hubby 🙂







  1. Pooja Grover · July 12, 2016

    Reblogged this on Being Pooja.


  2. thatwhichisnt · February 6, 2017

    Cool…..what you have expressed here resonates deeply with the Taoist concept of Wu Wei (Effortless Effort or action by non-action). It explores how every thing in the universe exists in harmony with other things, and learning to go with the flow, by gaining insight of this harmonious nature!

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