Unravel the true you

Life is a very long journey.  We should every once in a while sit back and reflect on our past,  what made us who we are,  what we really loved,  and what is not acceptable any more.

We should dig deeper about what we really want ahead. This is very crucial.

These comparisons of past and future desires help us in charting the path for the life that we want ahead,  and not waiting for things to happen. We don’t need to accept just what comes our way.

It may appear unimportant initially, its not that entertaining to talk to ourselves 🙂 (its rather scary sometimes 😀 ). When made a practice ,  life gets much more in tune with our true selves,  and acceptable to us.
Start charting  path for the life that you want. Don’t get intimidated by failures,  they are inevitable and take us closer to our dreams.  Try and  live the life that your heart keeps pushing you to live 🙂

Happy living 🙂


photo credits: Manik the hubby 🙂


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  1. Pooja Grover · July 12, 2016

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