Pursue your dreams..age no bar

Is there something that nags you every now and then, every few years? Something that really gets you all worked up and excited? Not the act, just the thought, because it is still a desire and not the reality 🙂 ?

Then go ahead and take that first step towards that dream! I read this beautiful  line somewhere “every great journey begins with a first step” and it has helped me many a times. And don’t let your age become a limiting factor, thats what most people my age do :D, including me.

The limitation is only in our heads. If it is a burning desire, it should be met at any stage in life. Sometimes we get intimidated worrying about what others would think, but actually it is our own selves that we need to fight and convince the most. People mostly don’t care, and these days their memory is as short lived as your last social network status :D, and rest all is history 🙂

The satisfaction that you get on doing what you love, seems to penetrate the soul, it stirs up  your whole existence, makes you a more centred and stable person. So, give it a shot! 😀 and let me know how it went.

Have a happy happy day 🙂










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  1. Pooja Grover · July 12, 2016

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